When it comes to life, it is a dish to be savored. Some people race around and never have any fun. I understand that you have to work and money doesn’t come easy. But if you have no one to share moments with, then all the hustle and bustle can feel meaningless. 

   I don’t like people feeling this way- especially you. You are a person who deserves to live life to the fullest. This is what I believe in. Whether it’s jet setting to Paris or just going out for dinner, you need an escort who is attentive to your needs. 

   As for myself, I prefer to keep things light and sexy. I like romance but I can stay in too. I’ll talk to you about your deep inner thoughts, or I’ll simply make you forget you had any. 

   I’m up for anything and everything. And please don’t ask if blondes have more fun. Brunettes are definitely where it’s at these days. We are playful and cheery, but we look sophisticated on your arm. I can dress up or dress down, or just wear no clothes at all.

   Tell me your wildest fantasy and I will make it come true. With the wave of my magic wand (just kidding), I’ll transport you to a world that only kings and queens dream of. I am Keila, and you needn’t hear me roar; all eyes will be on me when I walk into a room.

   You can show me off or keep me all to yourself- your choice. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s me. You won’t forget our time together. I can keep a secret if you can. Enter the world of first-class luxury with me and you’ll never want to leave.