How to Tip a London Escort

We know how to tip the restaurant’s waiter, but when it comes to escorts, we tend to be clueless most of the time.

Handing money to an escort immediately after the service can be awkward. Most escorts don’t even expect a tip in the first place partly because you are not obliged to give it out.

You don’t get this stuff in your regular sex magazine; here is how to tip your escort:

1. Give her a nice present

It must not be a car or an expensive piece of jewellery although both small and big gifts are just fine. If the escort, by any chance, outlined things they like on the website via which you made the booking, or anywhere else, be sure to consider those details when buying a gift.

Your choice of gifts can depend on the class of escorts you’re dealing with; a high-class escort, of course, would do a costly piece of jewellery or a GUCCI bag while an average escort would be fine with something a little cheaper.

2. Add some money on the gross pay 

You can opt for the classic way of tipping, adding few pounds on the escort’s total pay. As aforementioned, it just doesn’t look nice to hand cash to the escort immediately after the service, some of them can easily think you take them for a whore and that’s not nice. Consider doing it electronically, a few moments later. 

3. Give your escort and amazing experience 

Sometimes the best tip for an escort is to not give her a headache. An amazing experience is priceless both to a high class or average escort. So how do you hand out this tip?

Just be courteous and don’t be obnoxious. You could provide an escort with a much-needed break from a string of unpalatable clients.

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