Friday finaly came, I couldn’t wait a day more to pack my luggage and set of for a weekend trip to London. I know it sounds counterintuitive, who the heck goes to a big city to take a breather but small town melodrama was taking its toll on me.

I wanted a break but this time – a special one. I couldn’t complain about my marriage like most people seeking escort services do. I have a loving and very empatetic wife who’s willing to sacrifice her wellbeing for the sake of mine and our kids. However maybe because of exhastion, upbringing or just because of her nature she lacked the fire, the craziness and the ability to totaly let go of taboos. That’s what I needed and I have been longing for since we got escorts

I would like to be clear and not set a bad example for those inspired by my story – I wasn’t going to cheat. My wife and I have had many discussions on the topic. We tried many things to try and go wild – alcohol, cannabis, tantra escorts, what not, but there seemed to be a larger untamable force holding her back. She was squeamish about hiving me a head, she was squeamish about recieving a head, ‘high speed’ sex felt degrading and anal didn’t even exist in her vocabulary.

Luckily being the emphatetic person she was she encouraged me to seek those experiences somewhere else, as long as it was safe. Initially I couldn’t believe it but she assured me that it was ok. Safety was her main concern and it quickly became my top search priority and crieterion.

How my best friend helped me out with London escorts

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A few days went by since I became really serious about diving into this new and unknown world and I phoned Garry. He was one of my best childhood mates, a person who I could deeply trust and a party animal who later became a serious club owner. I knew he would have insider info about London escorts. He lived there for 20 years now and being a club owner I knew his busiess was somehow intertwined with the services that I needed. We started talking about my plans and I shared the whole story completely trusting in Garry.

As soon as I mentioned the words safety and variety he interupted me with a reassuring ‘don’t worry pal,
I’ve got you sorted’. Garry recommeded an high class London escorts agency that prides itself in arranging you fully veted and high class ladies that are also selective when it comes to who the meet. Initially I got little nervous as to whether I will pass their criteria but fortunately there were no issues. The receptionist was very friendly and did her best to find the perfect match.

To read the rest of this story please keep following my writings where I will be sharing more of my journey into the wild wild world of fine escorts and other ethical extramarital affairs I’ve had.